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Value Proposition for Sponsors

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What's in it for sponsors?


Right now, our Friday morning hangout is the only stream of income that we have. And it goes straight from the sponsor to our hosts and pays for our use of the room and refreshments for everybody. I think that sponsorship is one legitimate way for us to raise money to support what we're doing, but we don't want to become totally reliant on it. In addition, we might be thinking more broadly of partnerships that support both parties' needs.


The sorts of questions I get asked when raising money for Friday meetups are:


How many people come?

We regularly have between 20 and 40 people signing up. Not everyone who comes signs up. Not everyone who comes stays for the full three hours so while there's only room for about 35-40 people we have had a "turnover" of more like 50 or so on the busiest days.


What sorts of people come?

All sorts. Freelancers, bloggers, podcasters, social media consultants, mobile marketing and media people, digital agency people, government web people, web startups, people from established media (BBC, C4, Guardian), social media newbies, management consultants, event organisers, developers, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, pr folks, marketers and more.


What do they talk about?

Well the standard (flippant) answer to this is "It's none of my business (unless they've been talking to me)" but it's important to remember that the conversations aren't structured or predefined, they're very dependent on who's there and what they want to talk about, it's like a café - durrrr. (Sorry, don't know why this question gets my back up so much!)



We get fresh coffee - cappuccino, latte or black coffee to your taste and wonderful, fresh croissants with butter and a selection of jam, all served with a smile from the friendly team at the Coach and Horses (which is our current regular Friday venue).


What's in it for the sponsor?

It's a great place to meet like-minded folk, talk to them (but no hard-sell thanks) about your product or service. It's also a great audience to organise a discussion group around a specific business topic close to your heart, run a user-testing session or focus group, or a series of any of these. And of course your team are welcome to join us too to find out more about our digital and social media world in a very relaxed atmosphere. Somehow the vibe is different when there's no beer involved! It's a collaborative, supportive, friendly, open community interested in hanging out with folks who share similar values. We also have big screens available to us so it's not unfeasible for us to do a film screening or something more screen-based if that fitted the bill. We'd have to check if that cost any extra though as we've not done it yet.


In addition, a sponsor will get thanks and coverage on the Tuttle Club blog as well as here on the wiki, and by arrangement podcasts and videocasts can also be arranged (at a reasonable cost).


What's the cost?

We look for between £300 and £500 a week, dependent on what extras the sponsors need out of the morning. We're also keen to work on a monthly or quarterly sponsorship which helps us plan ahead a bit more.


I'd like to help but sponsorship is not right for me right now. What can I do?

You can also make a donation to the fund via paypal to help keep us going. Every little counts and we really appreciate you taking the trouble to make a donation.


To get the best out of any sponsorship, it's better to participate than not (like the old adage "you get out of it what you put in"). If you want to support the community, you can do it from outside, but it's probably better to do it from the inside where you join in to get the real benefit. But you know what, if you'd just like to throw money at us, we'll take it and put it to good use!




Sponsors Testimonial from Qype.com


Being an early supporter of the Social media Club was very rewarding for Qype.


SMC attendees were actively curious about Qype and we were able to get immediate and honest feedback on the site.


The responses we got were far more valuable than any expensive, contrived focus group environment.


The SMC is a very concentrated and accessible group. In two weeks we made dozens of important contacts and relationships that may have otherwise taken months to create.


The extended network which exists outside the immediate SMC community is diverse, friendly and intelligent.


Being able to contribute to the various conversations around social media in London has directly influenced Qype's development.







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