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Tuttle Club Breakfast

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The first Tuttle Club Breakfast will be at OneAlfredPlace (a newly-opened, fairly swanky, private members club in WC1 for those who don't know already)


This is where it is


What we'll be talking about

Social Media and the new world of work. Many of us are either working on our own or else in loose associations or else within an organisation but in partnership with a range of independent suppliers and contractors. None of us expect our careers to be anything like those of our parents' generation. How do we make sense of it, how do we keep our heads above water and how can getting to grips with social media help us out?


You may have seen Stephanie Booth's upcoming conference http://going-solo.net/programme/ - you might see this breakfast get together as an aperitif for that (though I don't recommend aperitif's for breakfast naturally)


When it is


Wednesday 23rd April 2008 - 8.30am to 10.00am



Who's coming


Numbers are strictly limited to 50. We can only let in the first 50 who sign up here, so if you have to cancel, do let us know to make room for others.


  1. Lloyd Davis
  2. Steve Moore
  3. Emma Wallace social8/twitter (in lieu of nasty business cards) :-)
  4. Adam Tinworth
  5. Adriana Lukas (it's a tad early for my permanently jetlagged body but the mind is willing and I plan to join).
  6. Rupert Howe
  7. Mireia Fontbernat
  8. Mike Atherton
  9. Danny Brooks - Fox Kalomaski - Check out our new website - follow me on Twitter
  10. Richard Stacy
  11. Janet Parkinson
  12. David Jennings
  13. David Terrar
  14. Mike O'Hara
  15. Justin Hayward
  16. Jeremy Gould
  17. Steve Bridger (coming up from Somerset on 06:11 train; may be slightly late)
  18. Pippa Crawford
  19. Laura Kidd
  20. Anne Marie McEwan
  21. Tracy Green
  22. Luke Razzell
  23. -Eaon Pritchard -something come up last minute. please take my place someone
  24. Mark McGuinness
  25. Dave Evans (an early train from Brum)
  26. Steve Lawson
  27. Leon Cych
  28. Sam Ismail
  29. Mark Hancock
  30. Benjamin Ellis
  31. Fabio De Bernardi
  32. Matteo Canzi Blanc
  33. Tom Salmon
  34. Steve Dale
  35. Cian O'Donovan
  36. Richard Fahey
  37. Allan Lloyds
  38. Joanna Tidball No longer able to make it, so someone on the waiting list can take my place
  39. Meriem Aissaoui (Smarta.com)
  40. Alberto Nardelli (UnLtdWorld.com)
  41. David Wilcox
  42. Rax Lakhani
  43. Haran Ramachandran
  44. Chris Pulicicchio
  45. Chris Osburn (tikichris.com, Londonist)
  46. Jamie Coomber
  47. Suw Charman-Anderson
  48. Kevin Charman-Anderson
  49. Daniel Light
  50. LJ Rich


Once the list above has reached 50 please add your name here

Waiting List


  1. Toby Moores - I might be back from snowboarding in time - not sure yet
  2. Anjali Ramachandran - would love to come and will definitely be in London so if anyone cancels, please let me know! Something came up last minute, won't be able to make it.
  3. Danny Brooks - Foxkalomaski.com
  4. Jemima Gibbons
  5. Laura North - can't make it now
  6. Jonathan Hopkins - bugger, that will teach me to be on holiday. don't fancy my chances but you never know . . .
  7. Priyanka Kanse www.twopartsmixer.com
  8. Rachael Castell - I'm in town and would love to attend
  9. Allix Harrison-D'Arcy
  10. Rob Hinchcliffe (nuts - I forgot to add myself last week and now I'm too late).
  11. Jane O'Loughlin
  12. Tim Callingto
  13. Rebecca Caroe, twitter me
  14. Mark Wing, online profile ...a bit slow on the uptake. Why did I go cancel that other meeting?
  15. Dan McQuillan, internet.artizans, social innovation camp
  16. James Stewart blog twitterhttp://twitter.com/r_c
  17. Ged Carroll http://renaissancechambara.jp/
  18. Kat McMann - Nudge - not able to make it now
  19. Walid Al Saqqaf TrustedPlaces- - can't make it now
  20. Andy Ashburner
  21. Judith Lewis - Search Consultant | SEO ChickTwitter 
  22. Emmanuel Marchal - looking forward to be on the top50 lucky ones... @manumarchal | work
  23. Farhan Rehman - 
  24. James Norris Nitro Mobile Linkedin


If this format works out for us, we should do more. There's a page on this wiki for theme suggestions.



Minutes of the Breakfast


Here is the place to capture the conversation / ideas that came out of the discussion groups.



Rebecca's Business Development group


Members: (please add your name and / or link details)


Rebecca Caroe, twitter me

Suw Charman-Anderson

Allix Harrison-D'Arcy

Dave Evans twitter

Richard Stacy link blog consulting blog email

Tom Salmon (twitter or email)


This group was there to think abut how we could use Tuttle to generate business for Tuttlers and also help Tuttlers "do" business development.


The things that came up were: (please feel free to elaborate - this is only a very top-line summary)


  • Create a place where we could list the specialisms of the group - basically our CVs / company profiles - so we can see what our collective and individual competencies add-up to
  • A noticeboard for job ideas (Rebecca - you may wish to flesh this out - I didn't really capture it)
  • A pitching forum - where client briefs can be matched to relevant Tuttlers (already posted to the wiki at the bottom of this page)
  • Help Tuttlers get to speak at conferences / encourage conference organisers to see Tuttle as a place to go to get speakers
  • Can we use Tuttle to create a "sort of" virtual agency - allow members to be (and be seen to be) more than just a lone freelancer - but part of something bigger
  • A forum to provide / share advice on how a freelance David can engage with a corporate Goliath - getting invoices paid etc
  • Could Tuttle become a bit like a Guild - i.e. allow individuals to benefit from the strength of the group - but also to establish certain rules / codes that allow a Tuttle membership to convey a level of endorsement to a potential client
  • Create a forum for "outing" bad practice - either in terms of highlighting clients who are time wasters or practitioners whose "talk"exceeds their ability to "walk"

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