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Third Prototyping Meeting 080201

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OK so for a third time we'll be meeting to prototype the Social Media Café on Friday 1st February. We'll be upstairs at the Coach & Horses in Greek St from 10 am until 1.


let us know that you're coming by adding your details below.


Lloyd Davis perfectpath.co.uk

Mike Atherton sizemore.co.uk

Richard Azia www.warzabidul.com, www.main-vision.com

Andy Roberts distributedresearch.net/blog

Mike Butcher mbites.com / uk.TechCrunch.com (if I can make it)

Geoffrey McCaleb nsyght.com - I'm coming armed with ma.gnolia stickers to all who want 'em

James Cox pitchspace.com / smokeclouds.com / imaj.es - will try and make it

Pippa Crawford www.ministryoflove.co.uk

Rebecca Caroe creativeagencysecrets.com - it's in my diary

Lee Thomas http://www.twitter.com/londonfilmgeek

Joey Baxter - hope to make it

Janet Parkinson

Kjartan Abel - New to London Social Media Cafe

Mike O'Hara http://michaelohara.co.uk

Jeremy Gould - Ministry of Justice Whitehall Webby

Amanda Gore- www.psfk.com - will try my very best to make it

Jenny Brown - Dept of Health - jenny-bee.net - See you there.

Luke Razzell - i-together

Dean Whitbread - deanwhitbread.com - who the hell's he anyway?

Emma Mulqueeny - sorry guys, hope someone is twittering (@ hubmum for me)

Dave Briggs - http://davepress.net - will pop down from Kettering to see what's happening!

Neville Hobson - http://www.nevillehobson.com/ coming in from the Berkshire burbs


Not attending:

David Terrar - http://biztwozero.com and http://creativecoffeeclub.com - can't make it this time, but looking forward to the next one.

Charlie Gower - http://www.charliegower.typepad.com/ sorry prepping for a luncheon

Adam Tinworth - http://www.onemanandhisblog.com - apologies - Big Work Thing has come up.


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