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Themed events

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Subjects for Themed Events


I'd like to keep Friday mornings in the free easy and unstructured form they are, but it might be fun to get people together to talk about a pre-arranged subject.


If you had an hour with London's brightest social media luvvies what would you want to talk about?


  • Twitter-quette (what's emerging in terms of social norms in micro-blogging?) (Lloyd)
  • Hinchcliffe @lloyddavis A couple of things off top of my head: data portability, location based services, community moderation, new working habits 
    aroberts @LloydDavis topic suggestion: How will economic recession affect the UK online market and London startups scene and how to survive.
    JeremyGould @LloydDavis Explaining SM as a business asset to decision makers who don't yet get it 
    giagia @lloyddavis I'd like to talk about Responsibility, Ethics, Fact Checking, Consent as 'Online Content Creators'. :)
    davebriggs @LloydDavis On or offline conversation (or both?)
  • davidwilcox introducing sm to organisations by small steps rather than big strategy, particularly using fee apps - maybe with Jeremy
  • anne marie mcewan - explore synergies in our offerings / capabilities
  • davidwilcox blending online and off around events including videoblogging, qik - maybe with Dave
  • Sizemore: Ways we can break out of our own little echo chamber and setting a task/project that we can work on as a team and use as proof of concept
  • Mecca Ibrahim:  totally with Sizemore on this - Love the Social Media Cafe & concept - but need to find more ways of not preaching to the converted.  Rather do more to get us in the public eye - if only in a quick & dirty way, rather than talk about doing it & the benefits of doing it - cos most of us are all sold on this aren't we?.  One of the many things we can talk about when we meet on Thurs.


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