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 Ok, so most often it's "Do you know any good developers?"  but I'm increasingly getting asked about talent for hire.  I don't think it should be my responsibility alone though.


Is this something we should do?

How would it work?

Can it be fair?

What commission might we charge?


Helen Keegan 21/04/2008: This is very hard to monetise on an ad hoc basis so my suggestion would be to get a long-term sponsorship agreement in place with a recruitment company (be that an agency, a jobs board or whatever). We could also ask for a voluntary donation from anyone who's managed to recruit as a direct result of attending a meet-up or via a Tuttle member or a Tuttle discussion list. I'm quite sure recruiters would be relatively straightforward to tap into for some sponsorship if they get the reach they're looking for for both candidates and clients.


If we go back to the 'platform' concept of The Tuttle Club, then working on a commission basis isn't going to work. There are Tuttle Club members who *are* recruiters already and why should they pay anything. If that were the case, then I'd be charging fees for to recruiters for attending Swedish Beers or WiMD events. As the concept grows and our web presence grows and, who knows, our global network grows, then it's not unfeasible to consider running our own jobs board and charging a nominal amount for folks to post their job listings and freelance/interim positions but we're not near that yet IMHO.

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