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Prototyping - 080229

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 9 months ago


Who's coming?

Lloyd Davis http://perfectpath.wordpress.com/ Call or txt 07919182825 if you get lost and can't find it.


Coming along


Olly Headey - FreeAgent Central

David Terrar - Business Two Zero, WordFrame, twitter/DT - my Dad falling and needing a hip replacement (he's OK after the op!) has changed my work week - see you next week

Chris Green - chrisgreen.co.uk / IT PRO Magazine / Twitter Work stuff has come up, need to be in a meeting Friday morning, see you all next week.

Neville Hobson - NevilleHobson.com | twitter.com/jangles

Emma Mulqueeny - will do what I always do :) hover, chat and leave. Length of this depends on work.

Janet Parkinson

Tim Hoang - Rainier PR / New Media Knowledge

Jof Arnold - i-together.com | twitter.com/JofArnold

Gasper Koren - Zemanta

Benn Achilleas - neoco blog page

Jem Stone - BBC | http://commonusers.blogspot.com/

Rob Hinchcliffe - http://www.qype.co.uk | http://www.robhinchcliffe.co.uk

Andrew Hunter - http://www.qype.co.uk

Steve Bridger - nfp2.0 / twitter FGW trains permitting

Philip Keightley - http://www.punchcomms.com

Matt Casey - http://www.sportingo.com

Alan Wood - Folknology  twitter  after 11am



Hoping to come along


Robert Brook - http://robertbrook.com

Jeremy Gould - Whitehall Webby

Mireia Fontbernat - Qik

Jamie Coomber - Profero / Freshen me up

Peter Cox - Redhammer / Litopia

Chris Dalby - twitter.com/yellowpark


Will come along if they get out of bed on time


James Cox - http://twitter.com/imajes


Not coming, but hoping to join in remotely if possible


Mike Atherton - Sizemore (I'm in San Francisco, but would love to swing by via Seesmic of something)

Jenny Brown - http://www.jenny-bee.net - will keep track via Twitter this week!


Completely out of touch this week


Andy Roberts - http://distributedresearch.net/blog

Anne Marie McEwan - http://changing-workplace.blogspot.com/

Pippa Crawford - pippa@ministryoflove.co.uk

Steve Dale - http://www.semantix.co.uk

Rupert Howe - twitter.com/ruperthowe




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