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Page history last edited by Lloyd Davis 11 years, 6 months ago


  1. D Morgan
  2. Debbie Davies Twitter
  3. David Stevens twitter: davidestevens
  4. George Hopkin Twitter
  5. Tim Ferguson - 1st one this year for me!
  6. Helen Keegan Twitter Blog Swedish Beers Mobile Monday Will be there subject to client meeting as I know I can't make it next week.
  7. Mark Shaw 1st Timer be gentle Twitter (sorry to miss you Mark, maybe next week? - DT)
  8. Peter Jones Twitter
  9. Alison Wheeler @AlisonW alisonw.com
  10. Rich Hyndman @geekyouup
  11. Mike Bennett @mikepostcap 
  12. Dominic Travers @DominicTravers
  13. Mark Simpkins @marksimpkins geekyoto
  14. @Allix Harrison-D'Arcy
  15. @sizemore - should be meeting some new peeps there and also doing some video chit chat (fingers crossed).
  16. David (newbie SpinVoxer) Lindsay @myfavoritesock
  17. Vinny Flood @vinnyflood The Brown Cow Project
  18. Joanne Jacobs @joannejacobs - talking davos.
  19. Mark Ford Twitter Another first timer


Can't make it...


  1. James Whatley - @whatleydude / SpinVox - Sending David Lindsay (above #16) in my stead, be nice! :)
  2.  David Terrar - Business Two Zero / WordFrame / twitter/DT - this tim it's a builder fixing a window... next week





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