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Page history last edited by Lloyd Davis 11 years, 6 months ago
  1. Ben LaMothe - @BenLaMothe / Web Publishist - just heard about this meet-up group via George Hopkin, but will definitely come along for the next one.
  2. Alison Wheeler -@AlisonW / blog - enjoyed last week so much I'll try to come back so as to talk to those I missed!
  3. Barbara Gibson - @Barb_G / blog
  4. Emma Boon - @emmaboon - Heard about the last one all too late but am all aboard for this Friday to meet tweeple!
  5. Adrian Melrose -@2it will try and get there earlier and avoid having to pay for my own coffee!
  6. Joanne Jacobs - @joannejacobs / joannejacobs.net.
  7. David Terrar - Business Two Zero / WordFrame / twitter/DT
  8. Matt Brown - @mattfromlondon / Editor, Londonist.com; also edit Nature Network, a social networking site for scientists. Finally making my Tuttle debut.
  9. Tim Davies @timdavies / timdavies.co.uk
  10. Cate Sevilla @cupcate / bitchbuzz.com
  11. Kate Matlock @katematlock / Meet Kate
  12. Paul Steadman @steaders / blog
  13. Mitch Sava @addingvalue / blog
  14. Bruce Lynn, Leadership/Failure blog, Dynamic Work blog, Maldives blog, Facebook, LinkedIn
  15. Ed Barker @ed_barker, Facebook, LinkedIn
  16. Benjamin Ellis - Redcatco / twitter / blog
  17. Donna Suffling - twitter / 1000heads
  18. Colin Mercer - twitter / 1000heads
  19. Jame Whatley - @whatleydude / MIReview / SpinVox
  20. @Allix Harrison-D'Arcy
  21. Iain Buchanan @ibwan / bitchbuzz.com
  22. Laurence Collings - @lwcollings
  23. Andy Broomfield twitter / blog / web
  24. Steve Lamb twitter / blog / 07812 980621
  25. Eva Appelbaum @evaapp - This will be my 1st. I've been in deep hibernation for the past year.
  26. Matthew Gain twitter 
  27. Debbie Davies twitter 
  28. Mecca Ibrahim - LinkedIn / Tumblr / Twitter



Not Coming

  1. Kat Miller @IAmKat I'll be in Le Grand Bornand snowboarding for a week! won't be here next week either
  2. @sizemore - Have to be at Ch4 in the morning, but may swing by for lunch.
  3. Graham Stewart - @bpodr / bpodr - Client 'stuff' calls
  4. David Jennings - struck down by stomach bug
  5. @solle twitter  next time for sure



the ICA in The Mall again: ICA, The Mall, London SW1Y 5AH (Gmap)


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