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  1. Steve Lawson - stevelawson.net / twitter / faith-healer - really looking forward to meeting up and chatting over some of the Helsinki/Nokia stuffs! If all goes well, Donna from Womworld.com will be coming too. :)
  2. Lobelia Lawson - lobelia.net / twitter
  3. Gregg Baldwin - been a couple of weeks but free of the dissertation now - yay! Twitter
  4. Helen Keegan - I will *actually* be there this week and am bringing guests. Blog Twitter Free Beers (coming soon)
  5. Tim Davies blog / twitter
  6. ilicco will be there. i dont blog. but i do other things twitter
  7. Billy Abbott - finally got a morning off work so that I can come along. blog / twitter
  8. David Terrar - Business Two Zero / WordFrame / twitter/DT
  9. Charles Olive - blog / twitter / work
  10. Toby Moores - Twitter / SleepyDog
  11. Janet Parkinson - Twitter
  12. David Jennings hoping to be there
  13. Kevin Marks - blog twitter 
  14. Mike Atherton - sizemore /twitter - dragging along Documentally as a human shield.



Not coming...


  1. Sofia Quintero - I'm on holidays but I'll be back on the 26th! :) Reiq
  2. Neville Hobson blog Twitter Will be in Manchester on Friday.Twitter
  3. James 'Carbon footprint? What carbon footprint' Whatley - whatleydude.com not coming, but pimping tuttle at 'w2e' in NYC.
  4. Jon M Bishop - blog - Off to the Isle of Jersey. Not sure if I should be excited about it?
  5. Benjamin Ellis - on a Digital Mission to NYC. Not stalking whatleydude, honest. Photos here. Missing you all. Back soon.
  6. Debbie Davies - sadly not. Wish I were on Digital Mission to NYC - lucky Benjamin. Next week though. Twitter
  7. Basheera Khan - currently being paid to be elsewhere. I will return in a few weeks. :-) blog
  8. samina (bleh..change of plans..US colleague coming in and I'm stuck at my desk)
  9. Ben "Twitterface" Walker – found myself a full-time job. Now I'm stuck with it... Twitter/blog


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