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  1. James Stewart - blog twitter (it's been too long)twitter 
  2. Benjamin Ellis - Blog / twitter/bmje - back at last! NYC Next week though!
  3. Stuart Brown - Twitter blog
  4. Neville Hobson ( blog twitter ) who invited Doug Haslam ( blog twitter ) who's visiting from the USA.
  5. Jon M Bishop - Also not in Helsinki. blog twitter 
  6. Debbie Davies - Twitter 
  7. John Ginsberg (websitesorry, no blog twitter) on recommendation from Jon M Bishoptwitter )
  8. Samina H blog
  9. Vikki Chowney twitter
  10. Jen Andersson twitter
  11. Joshua March blog twitter
  12. Sofia Quintero Website Twitter
  13. Reinaldo Quintero Website Twitter
  14. Dave Evans Twitter - back again and staying on for Alt.Net Friday night and Saturday
  15. Joanne Jacobs - Twitter | Blog
  16. Mike Atherton - Twitter / Blog - Discussing Tuttle Stage Two and topics for Creative Coffee Club.
  17. Janet Parkinson - Twitter
  18. Nancy Williams - Podcast Twitter Blog
  19. Steve Dale - Twitter / Blog
  20. Melinda Seckington Miss Geeky / Twitter / Geek Dinner
  21. Richard Hare - blog twitter



Can't Make it this week....

  1. James Whatley - I can't make it this week, or next week or the week after. Marlow, Helsinki, New York and Las Vegas respectively. Sozza!
  2. Steve Lawson - in Helsinki with Mr Whatley!
  3. Basheera Khan - Wishing I could say 'In Helsinki too' but actually, it's all the fault of LitCamp. Looking forward to next week. :-)
  4. Helen Keegan - travelling back from Copenhagen late Thursday night and have conf calls booked for Friday morning so it's unlikely I'll make it :(
  5. Rohan Gunatillake - the curse of the triple-booked September has struck once more.



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