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  1. Josh Russell - Blog Twitter geek, organiser of the *new* Brighton Tuttle
  2. Laura Whitehead - Blog Twitter: @littlelaura
  3. Jemima Gibbons - Blog | Twitter - looking to discuss 'leadership 2.0' ideas with anyone willing!
  4. Steve Lawson - Bringer of 'Tha Noize' (albeit nice floaty Noize) / writer of tweets / blogger of blogs
  5. Arseniy Rastorguev - Twitter looking to discuss online PR
  6. Vikki Chowney - Twitter
  7. David Cushman Blog Twitter - looking to discuss JemimaGibbons2.0 with anyone called Jemima Gibbons... if I can squeeze between meets!
  8. Lobelia Lawson - tall geeky mistress of the obvious
  9. Gregg Baldwin - Twitter
  10. Laura Kidd - Musician/Writer/Blogger/Videomaker : She Makes War : Twitter - fresh from the rock 'n' roll circus...
  11. James Whatley - Twitter / my happy place / SpinVox - I'll be curled up asleep in the corner
  12. Richard Green - TouchLocal.com - Looking for email Marketing Contra opportunities. 300k business emails and 200k consumer emails.
  13. Sofia Quintero - The newbie. 0_o
  14. Benedict Steele - Twit / Tumble
  15. Beth Granter - Blog | Twitter
  16. Nancy Williams - Blog - Podcast - Twitter


Not coming......

Debbie Davies - can only do alternate weeks but I can be followed Twitter

Mike Atherton - sizemore / twitter - I'll still be in Switzerland, but I'll bring chocolate next week!

Joshua March Blog Twitter  - in St. Ives this week - enjoy lovely people!

Benjamin Ellis - In Bath... I'll be there in spirit :) - WOWNDADI Blog - bmje on twitter

Steve Dale - Blog / Twitter will get there one of these weeks!

Neville Hobson blog | twitter ditto.


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