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Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 4 months ago

 Creating a light membership


What does it mean to be a member?

Who can join?

Who can't?

Does it cost anything?

What benefits are available?

What great responsibility comes with this great power?




How about doing this as an FAQ that ties in with other stuff? E.g first thought from David Wilcox


Why is the Tuttle Club being developed?

Lloyd? Something on ... social media is bringing big chances to business, government, education, charities and every other area of life. We have found that people working in these different areas have a lot in common, and benefit from discovering this together.


What will Tuttle offer?

We are planning a physical space in London where people can socialise, do some work, run training events, learn informally. In addition, we'll use social media extensively ourselves so people can join in where they are.


Who can join?

Anyone (?)


... or is it who is likely to want to join?

... then some examples drawn from people turning up? Or people who enjoy .....


Who can't join?

Any restrictions? Or is it "who is not likely to enjoy Tuttle?"


What does it mean to be a member?

How about - that's something we'll be working out in details with the members - but we expect it means being prepared to share your enthusiasms, learning, be friendly ... whatever (Lloyd - you are the host:-)


Does it cost anything?

(depends on the business plan? Who decides on costs - this goes across to governance)


What benefits are available?

(depends on the business plan)


What great responsibility comes with this great power?

How about - we aren't going to be big on membership rules and regulations ... but we hope to work out some ways of doing things that blah blah



Hmmm - this could be a bit humourless. Maybe look at it from two ends - things that depend on the business plan, but also what's the right conversational style.



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