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Members Details

Page history last edited by Benjamin 13 years, 8 months ago

This page lists the names and details of people who attend Tuttle Club, with the aim of making members familiar with each other and also so that they can approach each other for business or general networking.


Please add new names alphabetically by first name, so it is easy to navigate our way down. The first line should be contact details as you see fit: a link to your blog,website, and/or your Twitter ID, as you see fit. The second should be a one-line description of yourself and your work in your own words. After that, fellow members can add testimonials or comments based on their knowledge of you, in one line each, with 'written by' and their name in brackets. If your name is not there, please feel free to add it in as per the guidelines above.


Adam Baker

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Adriana Lukas

Blog: Media Influnecer Website: VRM Hub


Adrian Moss

Blog: adrianjmoss Twitter:adrianmoss

Interested in social media impact on corporate comms/PR


Alex Kinch

Blog: www.alexkinch.com Twitter: kinchyuk


Alison Wheeler

Blog: AlisonW.com Twitter: AlisonW Everywhere else: usually AlisonW

Long-time geekgirl interested in creating solutions to impossible problems


Allison McCafferty

Twitter: AllisonPA

Freelance Music industry PA, agent, promoter. Working in music for a variety of artists, bands, management companies, session musicians, agencies and venues.


Allix Harrison-D'Arcy

Blog: Website: Twitter: Allix


Andrew Gerrard

Twitter: @andrewgerrard LinkedIn

Digital & Social media consultant - looking for opportunities to make a difference


Andrew Grill

Blog: www.london-calling.org.uk Twitter: andrewgrill

Expat Australian mobile advertising focus


Anjali Ramachandran

Blog: OneSizeFitsOne Twitter:@anjali28

- Media junkie looking for a job in digital strategy/brand planning in London


Anne Marie McEwan

Blog: The Changing Workplace Website: The Smart Work Company


Ambar Hamid

Blog: Ambar Hamid Twitter: @AmbarHamidA business strategist who loves getting connected.


Ben Walker

Blog: I hate mornings Website: Ben Walker, songwriter Twitter: ihatemornings

Songwriter, pianist and web developer determined to drag the songwriting, publishing and local gig scenes out of the dark ages using social media and an uncompromisingly generous spirit.


Benjamin Ellis, Redcatco

Blog: WOWNDADI / SocialOptic Twitter: @benjaminellis

CEO/Principal of Redcatco, specialising in social media and collaboration technology. Technologist, parallel blogger, writer, photographer and sometimes musician.


Billy Abbott

Blog: cowfish.org.uk Twitter: cowfish

Financial database developer who likes looking at social media things, although generally not at work.


Bruce Lynn, Microsoft

Blog: personal blog, professional blog


Carl Morris

Blog: Carl Morris personal, work, Twitter, Sleeveface

Turning reality into ideas.


Darika Ahrens, Grapevine Consulting

Blog: Grapevine Consulting Twitter: darika

Freelance consultant, from a PR background, working with agencies and brands on social media communications. I offer both training and project support.


David Cushman, Bauer

Blog: FasterFuture, twitter: davidcushman


Dave Evans

Blog: DaveDev Twitter: DaveDev


David Jennings

Blog: Net, Blogs and Rock'n'Roll Website: DJ Alchemi Twitter: davidjennings

- David's book is one of the finest resources I've yet come across for both consumers and content creators on the subject of how the web influences and facilitates our finding new music and media, how we socialise and form like minded communities based around it, and how content creators can resource with their audiences and facilitate and understand the searching process. Oh, and he's a very nice man with fab music taste. (by Steve Lawson)


David Pinto

Google: happyseaurchin

worked out how scalable collaboration works... awaiting others... meanwhile tango, taichi, tron, meditation, below grassroots actuation... need to be involved in a major substantial happening before summer... be well!


David Price

Blog: Open to Persuasion, Website:Debategraph.org, Twitter: Debategraph

Co-founder, Debategraph


David Stevens

Blog: sustainedsound  Site 2: musicforspecialneeds Twitter: davidestevens

Music, sound and audio. Ambient drone, interactive music systems, nlp and trance states - I make software instruments in max/msp and perform (mostly) in Colourscape.


David Tebbutt

Blog: Teblog Website: tebbo.com Twitter: tebbo


David Terrar

Blog: Business Two Zero Websites: D²C, WordFrame Twitter: DT


Denny de la Haye // Shiny Ideas

Web: denny.me  Twitter: denny // Web: shinyideas.co.uk  Twitter: shinyideas

Perl hacker, people watcher, Internet resident.  Partner in Shiny Ideas.


Dominic Campbell

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Dominic Tinley

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Elizabeth Varley

Blog: Lovely Things Website: Online Content UK Twitter: evarley

Editorial & content bod - writing, editing, content strategy, blog projects etc etc, also creates events for a number of organisations. Has a number of new projects on the go including the London Writers Festival, a London office/desk space project, and an online retail start-up is in the works.


Emma Wallace

Blog: social8.co.uk/blog Website: social8.co.uk Twitter: emmalwallace

- Enterprise 2.0 and Innovation consultancy. Interested in enterprise adoption of collaborative technologies, business transformation, mass and open innovation. Likes banana nut muffins.


Geoff Wedgwood

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Graham Stewart

Blog: Know your RSS from your elbow Website: bpodr Twitter: bpodr


Helen Keegan

Blog: Musings of a Mobile Marketer by technokitten Website: BeepMarketing Twitter: technokitten Events: Swedish Beers Mobile Networking, Women in Mobile Data Association, MoMo London

Consultant on mobile marketing, advertising and media helping clients work out all aspects of their mobile strategy and how it fits in with their on and off-line efforts. Regular on the speaker circuit. Run workshops on mobile marketing for direct clients and via the IDM and e-consultancy. Runs Swedish Beers in London, Barcelona and Sydney, co-organiser of WiMD events in Europe and MoMo events in London.



Blog: A Consuming Experience (once Blogger Blog of Note, now syndicated via Newstex). Sometimes blog at Girlygeekdom. Twitter: Improbulus.

Tech blogger, soon to be real geek. Passionate about practical tech for non-geek consumers, & digital rights. Feedburner Community Expert.


James Cox

Blog: Website: Twitter:


James Norris is a Social Media Strategist for Nitro Mobile the Mobile & Social Media division of Nitro Ventures. My blog Social uproar advises Non Profits on how to use social media


James Stewart - web developer/consultant working with a range of NGOs, arts orgs and startups

Blog: a work on process Website: jystewart.net Twitter: jystewart

- I've know James for 10 years and wholeheartedly recommend his webdev skills. A creative & insightful thinker on web-usage and the arts/NGO world, and deeply trustworthy (by Steve Lawson)


James Whatley

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Jane Tandy

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Janet Parkinson

Blog: Website: Twitter: JanetParkinson


Jemima Gibbons

Blog: iknowhow Twitter: JemimaG

Consultant; writing a book on the impact of social media on management


Jeremy Gould

Blog: Whitehall Webby Website: Ministry of Justice

Government web person


Joanne Jacobs

Blog: joannejacobs.net Twitter: joannejacobs 


Jof Arnold

Website: BrainBakery Twitter: JofArnold

- We specialise in web technology: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, Wordpress, Facebook, CMSs, that sort of thing.

- Also, co-founder of i-together.com (BlogFriends, Buzzspotr)


Jon M Bishop

Blog | Twitter

Community Manager for Play With Pictures

Social media cartoonist at Scroobl.com



Jonathan Hopkins

Blog: middledigit Website: Shed Twitter: @jopkins

I'm a creative/digital consultant that blogs about brands, technology, cats and other things I stumble upon whilst perusing the interwebz.

And I'm also founder and director of Shed, a brand new consultancy specialising in web participation and social media for human brands and beings.


Jonathan MacDonald (jMac)

site linkedin twitter

Evangelist, Strategist, Negotiator and Leader in Advanced Communications


Jonathan Sanderson

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Joshua March

blog / Twitter

Entrepreneur, Social Media-ite, Blogger


Josie Fraser

Blog: SocialTech Twitter: josiefraser

Social & Educational Technologist: interested in online identity & community, e-safety & cyberbullying, digital literacy for all age groups.

Runs the edublog awards. Likes tea.


Kat Miller

Blog: plasticsnow Twitter: IAmKat

Business Analyst/Project Manager in HR/Recruitment & [http://www.ttrworldtour.com/ranking/rider-report/rider/miller-kathryn.html?tx_txresults_pi1season=2009&cHash=3a294b212a|snowboarder].


Kate Matlock


Currently, I am a MA Design Studies student at Central Saint Martins. Prior to this I worked in video advertising and tv production in the US.


Kirstie Heneghan - project start-up

Website: anonesque


Laura Kidd

Blog: Ghosts & Shadows Website: Music & Multimedia and She Makes War Twitter: warriorgrrl


Lobelia Lawson

Website/Blog: Lobelia.net Twitter: lobeliasabo Music/Jewellery/Geeking


Lloyd Davis

Blog: Perfect Path Twitter: LloydDavis

- The creator of Tuttle Club, a true gentleman and always willing to help anyone he can (written by Anjali Ramachandran)

- Social media expert and commentator; fantastic workshop facilitator; all round good guy and good friend (written by Helen Keegan)


Luke Hearn

Blog: Website: BView Twitter:


Mary Harrington

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Martin Cleaver

Will visit every time he is London. Lives in Toronto, Canada

Blog: http://martin.cleaver.org Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mrjcleaver Web: http://www.blendedperspectives.com


Melinda Seckington

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Michael Litman

Blog: LitmanLive Twitter:LitmanLive LinkedIn : Let's connect

Social Media Strategist - An interest in all things social, mobile and tech.


Mike Atherton

Blog: Sizemore Twitter: Sizemore - Writer. Covers a lot of bases. Kinda active in social media.


Mike O'Hara

Blog: michaelohara.co.uk Website: Voices in Business Twitter: mikeohara

- Co-Founder of Voices in Business (business podcasting), musician (Little Fish Big Pond & The Diarys), live music enthusiast (Fishbowl Acoustic)


Mitch Sava

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Neville Hobson

Blog: NevilleHobson.com  Twitter: jangles


Rebecca Caroe

Blog: CreativeAgencySecrets.com Blog: Rebecca Caroe Rowing Twitter: rebeccacaroe

Business development for creative agencies - finding more customers using old and new tools


Rhys Howell

Twitter: @rhys_isterix MySpace: RHYS ISTERIX Everywhere else via: Tumblr

- Social Media maven raven thought-hawk plucking spontaneous conceptual sparrows from the zephyr.


Richard Fahey

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Richard Green

Website: TouchLocal.com - Partnerships / Business Development (2.3m users / 2.9m businesses)


Richard Stacy

Link Blog Business blog twitter FriendFeed

PR / social media consultant hybrid - helping companies take their first steps in the post-Gutenberg world


Scott Gavin

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Steve Dale

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Steve Lawson

Blog: stevelawson.net/blog Website: stevelawson.net Twitter: twitter.com/solobasssteve

- Musician, record company owner, educator (private music teacher and college lecturer), writer and speaker on niche marketing through Social Media-led conversations. (phew!)


Tarek Abu-Esber

Blog: Website: Twitter:


Tim Ferguson

Website: http://encosion.com/ - Tumblr, Twitter, SmugMug, LinkedIn, Last.FM, etc all spiral off this one!

New media designer and social marketer - I do some work for serious comedians amongst other things!


Toby Moores

Website: SleepyDog Twitter: sleepydog

CEO of SleepyDog, best known for Buzz! The Music quiz (PS2). Visiting Professor at the Institute of Creative Technologies at De Montfort University. CoFounder of CreativeCoffee Club


Tom Salmon

MD of Traffic Digital - a digital agency based in Covent Garden

MD of aftershow.com - music based social network launching soon(ish)!

Website: TrafficDigital, aftershow Twitter: thomo


Victoria Botsoff

website: http://www.botsoff.com

Lawyer for the creative industries




Walid Al Saqqaf

Blog: Website: Twitter:


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