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Just a thought: Workspace Group (http://www.workspacegroup.co.uk/) has over 100 business centres (mainly in spaces like the old Airfix factory, the Peak Freans biscuit bakery, the former Patent Office etc) throughout London, including places like Soho, Clerkenwell and London Bridge, and lets a wide range of commercial property, with short flexible leases. They have a tradition of helping creative businesses get off the ground by letting them use space, sometimes even agreeing to a stepped rent system whereby the the rent is waived until the operation is properly up and running (as long as there's something approaching a credible business plan). The person to contact is Maddy Carragher, Workspace's Ops Director,  Maddy.Carragher@workspacegroup.co.uk, 0207 247 7614, 07831 572067


I hope this helps. Roger Wilsher, Aspect Media




I suggested a call to some of these, in particular Adam Street which has some good business facilities. Perhaps we can all chip in for a group membership so we can decamp there at will, have christmas parties, etc. Others on that list might also be amenable to a similar idea:








Rather than have the complications of renting / leasing somewhere, could we approach an existing place and ask them to be our host?  They provide some basic facilities, area etc and in return they get traffic.  I'm sort of thinking room-above-a-pub sort of thing at the moment.  Might be a good way to start. 





Room over a pub to get the  londonsocialmediacafe off the ground sounds like a good idea. It would be the quickest way to get it all underway. If Adam Street isn't too expensive for an group membership that's sounds feasible too.




using a theatre's facilities would be cool during the day (with the exception of matinee days usually Wednesday or Thursday) and could benefit them in using their otherwise dead space by guaranteeing visitors and cash. Also, I wonder if there's a company (probably med/large corporate) who has downsized and are left with available office space that could be used.

helen keegan


Soho Theatre is conveniently located (Dean Street). How about offering them something in return: like how about if we modelled the venue in Second Life and ran events there too. They could have use of the model for theatrical stuff. My club, Blacks, further down Dean Street might be persuaded to provide something, especially now that they publish a brainy quarterly newspaper (The Drawbridge). I could have a word. They don't have spare space but, again, we could probably swap some advice or resource for dining or meeting space.

Steve Bowbrick


You could always talk to a University that has incubator space available for such ventures. Most Universities have business centres and social centres which may well suit this type of environment and type of attendee. For them it brings in ideas, people and creativity. There are many central Universities from Imperial, Kings, LSE and so on. The Creative Coffee Club in Leicester uses the student union which is a nice informal space but still has a certain buzz about it.

Alex Craxton

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