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List of Selection Criteria

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Other than free (as in beer),what things or characteristics or factors *must* be included in a Tuttle space?


0.  Sole use of space for at least two hours

1.  Somewhere to sit, with tables for laptops

2.  Ability to buy (or make) coffee and extras

3.  Power sockets - for laptops

4. Location

     a. central (zone one) London,

     b. near to tube and bus

     c. safe area to wander around in

     d. Not somewhere which is difficult to find / get too within a building

5. Somewhere which would normally be staffed even if not open to the public at that time (so not reliant on volunteer staff)

6. Minimum availability: Keeping the 10am Friday start time, At least two hours sole use


What are other nice-to-haves?

1.  Free, fast, reliable Wifi - really helps

2. Not being ejected at midday; people regularly want to work on / carry on discussions, often over more drinks or food     



If you disagree with anything - think something above need not be mandatory or that a suggested nice-to-have is actually a matter of life and death, rant and moan about it here: 

Comments (2)

Patrick said

at 1:04 pm on Nov 1, 2009

* I beleive we should keep as open a (hive) mind as possible - I view these all as "like to have" rather than "essential"
* I would question the absolute requirement for a venue to be free: would people be willing to pay to come to Tuttle? If so how much? £1 £2 £3...
* How sacred is Friday morning? If somewhere came up that offered us Wednesday, Thursday or ... I believe we should consider it before deciding one way or another

AlisonW said

at 1:06 am on Nov 6, 2009

The issue with opening the Pandora's box that is requiring a fee to attend Tuttle (as opposed to donations which are always welcome) is you then have to either have an 'unknown in advance' fee where the cost to hire is divided between those who attend (and what about people who leave early / arrive late / etc) or you have to subsidise 'low turnout' weeks in some way. Either way you have committed yourself to an on-going cost without any guarantees of covering that cost. Same as guaranteeing a particular level of spend over the coffee counter; doing it is a hostage to future fortune.

Re Day of week I have the feeling that Friday's are 'nearer the weekend so taking a few hours out to socialise' is more acceptable than earlier in the week, but not than Monday mornings please!

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