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You are the most important aspect of the social media wave. That is, people. Not the organisations in which they are in. I like tuttle for this reason. I like Lloyd's lightness of touch.


I've been a maths teacher for most of my adult life, playing around with self-organisation and social responsibility in my classes, and I hope to transpose the dynamics I have learned to the adult world. With this in mind, please consider the following parameters and how much they correlate to your own experience.

  • individuals, NOT organisations
  • temporary clusters, NOT permanent groups
  • self-disciplined alignment based on real trust, NOT contract with associated legal consequences

If any of these resonate immediately, then please take the time to contemplate the others a little deeper.


If the entire set ring true, then how does the following business model sound?

  • initial offering of services free, not cash-injection
  • pay-it-forwards dynamic, not pay for what is done
  • confluence consultancy: a self-selected group of tuttlers do a social innovation camp with vertical representatives of a company
  • scalability: an individual produces beneficial results that day, a handful of tuttlers commit to producing a visible payoff within a week, ie number of tuttlers ~ period of social manifestation ~ trust ~ money flow

Compare this to A Consulting Fluid.


If you are following this far, then you must be crazy. What follows are insights/conclusions from engagement with tuttlers and lloyd.

  • only one tuttle is needed (ie we are already networked, tuttle is "between institutions", think blood system not organ)
  • micropayments (donate) to liberate lloyd so he can continue to offer his services free

And if you already know this, then I gotta meet with you!


Twitter: happyseaurchin.

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