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Front Page Archive

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Communal Vision - want, don't want, don't care - ('communal' doesn't have to imply agreement or consensus - argument might be part of the vision)


Location of the premises

Money that we need to do it

Activities that we'd like to happen there

Principles by which the project will live or die

Governance - how the project will be structured and managed

Risks, Constraints and their possible Mitigations

Blogposts that talk about this


These are early days.  Links here might just be placeholders for ideas.  If you have ideas and can write them down, you are welcome to do so, don't wait for someone older, younger, wiser, dumber, fatter, thinner, more geeky or less geeky - click on "edit page" and get writing .  It's a wiki. 


If you've come here because you've heard about the Tuttle Club - it's the same place - read this blogpost to understand why it's called that.



Sometimes things will move quickly here, sometimes whole minutes (or even longer units of time) will go by with *nothing* happening.  If you are impatient, then you are advised to jump up and down and maybe go to the top of a hill and shout a bit, but calling people names here for not doing what you want is frowned upon.


If you've stumbled across this by mistake or without prior knowledge of what the toot we're talking about, you might like to orient yourself by reading this post by Lloyd Davis


If you want to stick around and play, please also consider joining our Facebook Group  Don't worry, if you hate Facebook we won't hold that against you :)


There's also a Google Group for us (I'm hoping this will supercede the facebook group in time....)


We have more questions than answers at the moment and expect that there will be more questions to come.  This is good.  Keep asking questions.  If you see a question to which you know the answer then go ahead and answer it.  If you want to answer your own question please recognise that it is a rhetoricial device that is best used sparingly. Is that OK? Yes. Thank you.


But I don't know everything.  If you have something else you think is important to write about here, then create another page.  That's why we're using a wiki.


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