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Cool Places for Cool Stuff

Page history last edited by Caroline Teunissen 13 years, 10 months ago

Tuttle Press Pack

Tell us the places you'd like to Tuttle in (and as much about the practicalities of tuttling there that you can currently lay your hands on).


Note: If you have a long list to add please create it offline and then paste it here so as to not block other people editing. Thank you.


  1. Friends Meeting House Great WiFi/location/food, and an outdoor space for the summer.
  2. Royal Festival Hall – pros: large space, good coffee, food available, (some) power sockets, well-known, comfy sofas, free wifi; cons: very public, wifi painfully slow (at least on my netbook!)

  3. National Theatre (only ground floor was open when I investigated on Friday – there may be more/better space on other levels) – pros: good coffee, food available, well-known, comfy sofas, very good free wifi; cons: limited power sockets, very public, ground floor dark

  4. Kings Place (Kings Cross/York Way) – Debbie said she’d investigate http://www.kingsplace.co.uk/ - I think this is a lovely space, no idea about wifi etc! UPDATE: I (debbie) have contacted them and although they cannot offer us a dedicated space unless we pay, they are really happy to have us crash in on them. They have free  wifi but not sure how good it is as she did say it was used by many.


  6. Strawberry Moons http://www.strawberrymoonsbar.co.uk/ - Mark Shaw has used before

  7. Leon’s, Spitalfields – pros: we’ve been invited at least for one week!

  8. Demos meeting area?

  9. Great Eastern Hotel (via @monkeytreepro)

  10. Yumchaa http://www.yumchaa.co.uk/ (via @monkeytreepro)

  11. Reuters Thomson (where Amplified09 £1.40 unconference is being held) – cons: long way out (Canary Wharf); likely to feel “corporate”

  12. Sun Systems (where TEDxTuttle was held) – cons: City location; feels corporate

  13. RSA - do they have space in the cafe?

  14. Dolphin Square - have free wifi may want us, I (debbie) still in talks with them.

  15. The dana centre (http://www.danacentre.org.uk/) atached to Imperial College - where CreativeCoffee lived for a while - a bit way out west but good space, coffee, wifi

  16. What about the British Library? http://www.bl.uk/

  17. Hub Culture London Pavillion in Carnaby Street might suit, although we'd completely take it over http://www.hubculture.com/pavilions/london/ - would nee to speak to Stan Stanalker 

  18. There's a lovely old fashioned coffee house just by Spitalfields market, great coffee and cakes.  Only downer is they don't have wifi (yet!) There'd be enough space for us to gather in one side of the coffeebar with lots of tables and chairs - it's just got a lovely feel to it and is how one would imagine the coffeebars of the 17th Century would have been - except without the smoke.  I'll check with the owner how they'd feel to a Tuttle club being set up there and getting wifi installed asap.


Are there other corporate areas that might be will to support Tuttle? Cons: don’t want to be “tagged” as being corporate or aligning ourselves with specific agenda






Comments (1)

claireatwaves said

at 2:35 pm on Nov 1, 2009

Not necessarily a good long term option, but The Pitcher and Piano, Trafalgar Square (William IV Street) is close to ICA venue, has an upstairs area or 'private' areas that might lend themselves well until you find the perfect spot?

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