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Please extend the list, refine items, ask for clarification or (horrors!) suggest items for deletion.


::Projects:: (Summary from initial Prototyping meet) thanks to Emma and Matt.)



We see communal projects as a effective way of making the most of the talent at SMC. The collaborative nature of these projects will also help bring people together.


The purpose of SMC Projects will be;

1- Strengthen/unify the social bonds in SMC.

2 - Earn money for SMC and its members.

3 - Have some fun and experiment.

4 - Raise profile of SMC.


With the group acting together and as a collective, (& members giving enough commitment) SMC could easily become one of London's leading authorities in Web 2.0.


For anyone willing to get involved in SMC Projects, It would be a good first step to create some kind of catalogue of skills & experience which we can tap into when we these projects are in their initial phases. A database of names, contact details & skills/experience/interests.



AT the moment we see three types of projects.


1- Social Media Cafe Projects:


These are projects where any value/IP is split between the cafe and the collaborators. (30% cafe 70% collaborators). To all SMC members these projects are completely open for people to get involved if/when they can. Because these projects directly benefit the cafe they take precedence over personal projects in pitches/websites/screens etc. etc.


2- Personal Projects:


These are private projects owned by their respective individuals. If you devote any time to these projects don't expect to be directly benefitting the cafe or yourself.


3- Outside Projects:


These are projects from clients who have approached the Cafe to act as a consultant/production house/think tank. The money from these projects will be split between the cafe and the project collaborators. (30% cafe/70% ?)


To some extent these projects will clash with SMC members current employment. For example, I have projects which I could 'donate' to SMC or submit to my production company. In this situation I think you've got to weigh up the value and make the decision based on what unique benefits SMC could bring to your project.


Hopefully to us less established university graduates, struggling for cash and resources... SMC Projects could be a good way producing our ideas and paying the rent!

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