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  1. Lloyd Davis
  2. Alan Wood Folknology Twitter > 11am
  3. Tim Hoang New Media Knowledge / Rainier PR - 10.30 am Definately coming along this time
  4. Joshua March,GoGS, iNetworkMarketing
  5. Laura Kidd Musician/Writer/Blogger/Videomaker : She Makes War : Twitter
  6. James Whatley - Blogger : SpinVox : Jaiku : SMS Text News : Twitter
  7. David Wilcox Designing for Civil Society
  8. Jamie Coomber Profero Likemind host Blogger Twitter Qik
  9. Mireia Fontbernat Qik
  10. Mike Atherton - Sizemore
  11. Rob Hinchcliffe - Qype
  12. Gia Milinovich- giagia Afterwards we are staying on and talking QR Codes with several experts including people from i-nigma and Antony McGregor Dey from QMCodes
  13. Neville Hobson - NevilleHobson.com twitter.com/jangles
  14. Pippa Crawford www.ministryoflove.co.uk
  15. Anne Marie McEwan http://changing-workplace.blogspot.com/
  16. Chris Dalby - yellowpark.net twitter remember Friday is for chinposin
  17. Mecca Ibrahim - Moo.com Flickr LinkedIn
  18. Steve Lamb
  19. Thayer Driver
  20. David Jennings
  21. Helen Keegan between 10am and 11.30am all being well.
  22. David Terrar - Business Two Zero / WordFrame / Twitter/DT
  23. Matt Weston twitter locomatrix linkedin
  24. Suw Charman
  25. Janet Parkinson
  26. Mike Oh - Tech Superpowers
  27. Francine Kizner - writing/art, blog
  28. Lee Thomas - @londonfilmgeek (too good a crowd to miss)
  29. James Cox - @imajes
  30. Benjamin Ellis - RedCatCo
  31. Andy Ashburner - Caffeinehit Design LinkedIn
  32. Jof Arnold - i-together.com buzzspotr.com Blog Friends Twitter/JofArnold aha! Andy A, we finally meet again ;-)
  33. Geoffrey McCaleb - nsyght.com
  34. Pete Goold: Latest News RSS LinkedIn Twitter
  35. Rob Proctor: Adify LinkedIn
  36. Sam Ismail - Badass, lover and fighter
  37. Matt Casey: Sportingo
  38. Sam Gyimah: workology.com
  39. Joel Cymberg, Monetise
  40. Luke Razzell, i-together.com buzzspotr.com Blog Friends @weaverluke
  41. Richard Nevins, LSE Twitter LinkedIn
  42. Euan Semple The Obvious?
  43. Toby Moores Twitter SleepyDog


Can't make it this time

  1. Mike Butcher - TechCrunch / mbites
  2. Steve Dale - Semantix / IDeA
  3. Steve Bridger - nfp 2.0 / Twitter shame, really wanted to catch up with Mecca
  4. Jo de Mornay Davies, notanyoldjoblog - I shall endeavor to come along next week, I promise!
  5. Scott Gavin - Applied Trends & Scott Gavin.info - really want to get along to my first social media cafe - will be there next time!
  6. Jonathan Hopkins - Bite / Twitter / middledigit - will be there 21/3, looking forward to it big time. Have fun.


If you came but weren't on the list beforehand, do let us know...



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