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We met at the Coach and Horses again on Friday 15th February 2008 from 10.00am.


These people came and signed up beforehand


Who's coming?

Lloyd Davis http://perfectpath.wordpress.com/ 07919182825 if you get lost and can't find it.


Coming along



Anne Marie McEwan

Thayer Driver - Chinwag & TCUK

Neville HobsonLee Thomas - londonfilmgeek - I'll be working on the coach and horses own site during the CafĂ©.

Mike Butcher TCUK / mbites

Jeremy Gould MOJ Whitehall WebbyMike Atherton - Sizemore

David Jennings

Rupert Howe - twittervlog.tv / twitter.com/ruperthowe

Ryan Price - floridacreatives.com / petentials.comAdriana Lukas - Media Influen / cer / VRM Hub

Luke Razzell - i-together / on Twitter

Chris Dalby - yellowpark / twitter

David Terrar - Business Two Zero / DT on twitter

Paul Caplan - the Internationale

Jof Arnold - i-together / JofArnold on Twitter

Pippa Crawford - ministryoflove.co.uk

Andy Roberts

Drew Benvie - Hotwire / blog / Twitter

Tim Hoang - Rainier PR / New Media KnowledgeAdrian Moss - www.adrianjmoss.com

Sam Grace - Rainier PR

Peter Jones - isitgreat.heroku.com

Charlie Gower - charliegower.typepad.com  - hopefully about 10:30

Adam Tinworth - One Man & His Blog - hopefully around 11am

Richard Stacy - Social Media Revolution (in 15 minutes per week)



The following people turned up without signing up - oh the shame!

Amanda Gore

Jeremy Knight

Kathryn McMann

Mitch McAlister

Joshua March

Dan Light

Mark McGuinness

Matt O'Neill

Jenny Brown

Nicholas Butler

Drew Benvie (good to meet you there Lloyd, but I also did sign up! - see above. See you again for another one soon. Drew)

perhaps there were others but for the moment I've forgotten them, sorry - remind me folks.


The following people signed up but couldn't make it in the end. Aaaargh!

Jamie Coomber - am hosting Likemind until 10:30am so will pop along after that.

Sam Michel - Chinwag

James Cox - imajes - I'll be trying not to annoy too many people whilst there

Chris Green - chrsgreen.co.uk / IT PRO / Twitter

Jane O'Loughlin - Dept for Business (berr)

Maz Nadjm - Sky / Twitter

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